Meeting Rooms & Policies

Thank you for your interest in utilizing one of the meeting rooms at the renovated Wilmington Library! We require all non-profit organizations to provide a copy of their 501(c)(3) letter before any meeting room reservation is approved. 

Kindly send in a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter to or mail us a copy to the Wilmington Library PO Box 2303, Wilmington DE 19899.

Non-Profit Organizations:
Meeting rooms are available at no charge to individuals, associations, community groups, higher education institutions and non-profit groups engaged in educational, civic, cultural, and charitable activities.

Individuals and Community Groups requesting a meeting room will be required to provide a valid, Delaware Public Library Card number in good standing. Please include your 14 digit Library card number in the field provided on the online reservation form. Only adults may reserve a room.  

For-Profit Organizations: Meeting rooms are also available to local and area businesses to use for a nominal fee that will help support the Library. See “Fees” section below for more information.

General Rules of Use:

All meetings held at the Library must be free of charge to participants. Meeting rooms may not be used for social purposes, religious services or ceremonies, commercial purposes, political campaign activity or illegal activity. Public use of meeting rooms may not interfere with the Library’s operation. Library policies regarding patron behavior apply to meeting room use.

**The Library reserves the right to add “This is not a Library sponsored event” on any reservation request.

The booking form requires the name of the group official or individual who will assume financial responsibility for damage to equipment or cleaning fees should such be incurred.

Groups or organizations using Library meeting rooms must:

  • Enforce the “No Smoking” policy within the building;
  • Adhere to room capacity limitations listed on the Library’s website; 
  • Meetings for children and teens must have adult supervision at all times in no less than a 1 -15 ratio; and
  • No admission fees are permitted for participation in meeting room programs.
  • Furniture may not be moved from one meeting room to another.

Rooms are allocated according to the following priorities:

  • Library programs
  • Official meetings, programs or activities sponsored by the State of Delaware, New Castle County or City of Wilmington
  • Other approved programs or meetings by non-profit, civic, educational and cultural entities

Non-Profit Organizations:
Non-Profit Organizations will not be charged for the use of the meeting rooms with appropriate 501(c)(3) documentation provided. However, donations to the Wilmington Library are appreciated in order to maintain this free service. Payments are accepted in the form of: Cash or Check: made payable to: Wilmington Library Foundation, PO Box 2303, Wilmington DE 19899. Please reference the date of your meeting room reservation on the check memo.

For-Profit Organizations:
For-Profit Organizations will be charged for the use of the meeting rooms as indicated below. The entire balance of the meeting room fee or kitchenette fee is due 1 week prior to the meeting. Payments are accepted in the form of: Cash or Check: made payable to the Wilmington Library Foundation, PO Box 2303, Wilmington De 19899. Please reference the date of your meeting room reservation on the check memo.

*Meeting Room Fees:

  • P.S. duPont & Jacob Broom Meeting Room Rate: $100.00 per date reserved
  • William P. Bancroft & John Dickinson Meeting Room Rate: $50.00 per date reserved
  • Gunning Bedford: $25.00 per date reserved
  • The Commons Room Rate: $200.00 per date reserved
  • All Meeting Room Cleaning Charge Rates: $25.00 per date reserved

Kitchenette facilities are available for use. A $25.00 charge will be applied to all individuals and organizations (non-profit, for-profit, community groups and individuals) for use of the Kitchenette.

the meeting poses illegal, potentially hazardous, health or safety risk.
the meeting interferes with the functioning of the Library.
the applicants fail to comply with the meeting room policies.
Requests are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers must adhere to the room capacity limitations. Customers must read and accept this Wilmington Library Meeting Room Policy before requesting a room.

There are six meeting rooms and one meeting space located throughout the library.

  • P.S. duPont meeting room seats 32 – minimum group number to use room is 15 people (16 tables & 32 chairs)
  • Jacob Broom meeting room seats 18 – minimum group number to use room is 10 people (9 tables & 18 chairs)
  • John Dickinson  meeting room seats 15 – minimum group number to use room is 5 people  (1 table & 15 chairs)
  • William P. Bancroft meeting room seats 10 – minimum group number to use room is 4 people (1 table & 10 chairs)
  • Gunning Bedford meeting room seats 12 – minimum group number to use room is 3 people (1 table & 12 chairs)
  • The Commons-seats 100 or 200 standing – minimum group number to use room is 20 people (ONLY 40 chairs only and 5 tables upon request.  Larger groups will need to rent chairs and tables at own expense.)
  • Rodney Square meeting room seats 4  – reserve at Reference desk, first come, first serve at the beginning of each day (1 round table & 4 chairs)

Yes, however, the Wilmington Public Library is not liable for injuries to individuals or for damages to or the loss of personal property of individuals or groups using a meeting room. Any damage, loss, theft or misuse of library equipment or facilities is the responsibility of the group or individuals reserving the room. Library staff will not operate the equipment during meetings.

Important – please read:
Please bring your own laptop and *projector to use in the meeting rooms.The Wilmington Library does not provide laptops to use for meeting room presentations.

Also, please feel free to test your equipment (e.g. laptop and/or projector) prior to your meeting room reservation date to ensure that it is compatible with the library’s equipment. In some cases no technical assistance will be available.

*Ceiling mounted projectors are available in the P.S. duPont and Jacob Broom Meeting Rooms only.

Library staff members can only provide limited technical assistance.

Use of all devices must be in accordance with the libraries’ Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Meetings and programs must be held during the library’s hours of operation and must conclude 15 minutes prior to closing time to allow adequate time to clean up and vacate the meeting room prior to the library’s closing hours.

Meetings (including set up time and tear down time) may not extend beyond library hours. However, requests for before hours use must be approved in advance by the library director. After library hours meeting rooms use is no longer an available option.

Problems or complaints related to this policy may be made in writing to Jamar Rahming, Library Director, Wilmington Library, PO Box 2303, Wilmington DE 19899.

Meeting room requests may be made several ways:

Bookings may be made up to two months in advance and must be made three (3) days prior to the program
to allow for Library approval. The purpose of these restrictions are to allow groups an equal opportunity to use the meeting rooms.

Requests less than twenty-four hours may be granted at the discretion of Meeting Room Administrators; Renee O’Donnell (302) 571-7400 ext.2401 or Nancy Martin (302) 571-7400 ext. 2416. However, all fees are required to be paid prior to the meeting room being confirmed.

If a meeting, program, or class is cancelled, the group’s contact person should notify library staff at least 24 hours in advance so that the room can be made available to others. The person coordinating the meeting room is also responsible for contacting the individuals scheduled to participate in the meeting to notify them of the cancellation.

The Library is not responsible for the cancellation of meetings due to inclement weather or emergencies. If the Wilmington Library closes because of a facility or weather related emergency, all efforts will be made to notify the contact person of groups scheduled to use a meeting room. During adverse weather conditions, groups should call the library, listen to 93.7FM, 99.5FM or check for closing information.
Set up and special arrangements of chairs and tables are the responsibility of the customer. No special room set up is provided by the library. Nothing may be taped or affixed to any part of the room. Groups and individuals scheduling the meeting rooms are responsible for protective coverage of library carpet and furniture if craft items such as glue, paint, ink, etc. will be used. No tape, adhesive, nails, screws, metal hooks, etc. may be placed on or driven into any wall or surface of the Library.

Groups and individuals are responsible for leaving meeting rooms in good order after use including:

  • Return all tables and chairs to the original setup
  • Wipe down tables
  • Empty the refrigerator (if applicable)
  • Remove any and all decorations and tape from the walls
  • Place all trash in receptacles provided by the library
  • Report any spills immediately to staff in the Administrative office or Reference desk
  • Remove of all personal effects
  • Special cleaning requirements or damage caused to library property or equipment will be charged to the group or person reserving the room
  • Tables and chairs may not be removed or put into other meeting rooms

Light refreshments may be served in the meeting rooms at no charge. Refreshments include: juice, coffee, soda, water, snacks, and light fare. Organizers may arrange to have food delivered, but are solely responsible for delivery and clean up. No heating equipment, electrical appliances, sternos, crock pots, or hot plates may be used in any of the meeting rooms or kitchenette.

*If you wish to reserve the kitchenette: “Mark ‘Yes'”  and the fee will automatically be applied to your reservation.

A kitchenette facility is available for a $25.00 fee. All food and drink must be prepared in advance. The kitchenette is not equipped with utensils or preparation type equipment (e.g. coffee makers, blenders, stove, etc). The kitchenette comes with a large refrigerator, sink, and microwave. The kitchenette refrigerator must be emptied upon vacating the room. Alcoholic beverages may not be served in the library unless you have valid a liquor license.

All supplies for refreshments and food must be supplied by groups and/or organizations using the meeting room. 

No foods can be poured in the sinks (kitchen or bathrooms), drinking fountains or landscaping areas of the library. All food and beverages must be removed from the library immediately following the conclusion of the event and/or meeting by the group or organization using the meeting room.

Any costs incurred by library staff in the removal of un-disposed of food and/or beverages will result in a cleaning fee being charged to the group or organization responsible for requesting the room.

Your group, business, or an individual may reserve a meeting room up to once per week.

Bookings may be made up to two months in advance and must be made three (3) days prior to the program
to allow for Library approval. The purpose of these restrictions are to allow groups an equal opportunity to use the meeting rooms

Groups and Individuals (for-profit and non-profit) organizations are responsible for their meeting or event’s publicity. The library staff is not responsible for marketing any non-library sponsored meetings or events. Directional or promotional signs must be approved by the Library Director.

No signage or materials may be attached to the walls, windows, doors or library furnishings. Each group or organization using the library’s meeting rooms are responsible for their own reservations and RSVP’s for their respective meeting. Program publicity may indicate the location and time of the scheduled meeting, but may not state or imply that the Wilmington Library is a sponsor or co-sponsor unless specifically agreed upon by the Library Director.

Any music, entertainment or performance groups schedule in any of the library’s meeting rooms must comply with the City of Wilmington ordinances and must be approved by the library director. The music, entertainment or performance groups must not interfere, disrupt library patrons or other library programs. Any groups or organizations showing movies must secure all necessary performance copyright licenses.

The group or organization reserving and/or using the Wilmington Library’s meeting room shall hold harmless, defend or indemnify the Wilmington Library and its employees from and against any claims, loses, judgments, damages, bodily harm, illnesses disease, death, destruction of property or expenses incurred while utilizing the Wilmington Library’s meeting rooms.

The Wilmington Public Library reserves the right to deny Library meeting room use to:

  • Groups, individuals or organizations whose previous conduct has not complied with Library meeting room policies procedures as stated.
  • Groups, individuals or organizations  who failed to abide by this meeting room policy or to cooperate with the staff of the Wilmington Public Library may result in loss of meeting room privileges.
  • Groups, individuals or organizations whose conduct has resulted in damage or interfered with the other patron’s Library use.
  • Groups, individuals or organizations that repeatedly don’t show or cancel bookings.

Public use of meeting rooms may not interfere with the library’s operation.

Library policies regarding patron behavior apply to meeting room use.

By using this website you consent to the Wilmington Library’s Meeting Room Policies in the manner described in this policy. This policy may be modified from time to time without notice and at the discretion of the Wilmington Library Director.

Revised 7.2.18