Event FAQs

Attending an event? Please review these helpful question before contacting the library. Thank you!

Yes, library events are free and open to the public unless stated otherwise. Please be sure to read each event details thoroughly to be sure no registration is required. If registration is required, it is still free.

Depending on who our special guest is, lines have formed as early as 3:00pm for our 6:00pm events. Please use your own discretion and get in line at the time that works best for you.

Seating is NOT guaranteed. Since we have limited seating and seating is on a first come first served basis, it is not promised. Waiting in line is at your own discretion knowing entry is not guaranteed. Once seating has reached capacity, doors will be closed to the public. If you are coming from out of state, please plan accordingly.

Cameras are allowed at our events, however, if you have not been given permission by the Wilmington Library director to be a part of our media coverage, you must remain seated with your camera. Please do not stand on chairs in an attempt to take photos or record as this can be very dangerous and cause harm to yourself or someone else.

Please do not stand in the aisles, or in the back of the room in an attempt to record or take photos. This will not only obstruct the view of others but also causes a fire hazard and potentially blocks our cameras around the room that will be LIVE streaming this event. Standing in the aisles or around the room also hinders guests (especially those in wheelchairs) from coming in and out of the Commons to find a seat or to use the restroom. Please do not block these areas or entrances and exits.

Everyone must find a seat. Staff members and/or volunteers will help you find a seat if you cannot find one. Please be kind and courteous to one another as well as library staff who work hard to bring you these events.

Please email the manager of Community Engagement, Carl.Shaw@lib.de.us.

We receive many requests on a given day Please send the following information to Wilmingtonlibraryde@gmail.com
  • First and Last name
  • Name of your news media outlet/business
  • Links to your website and social media
  • Your portfolio and resume with your credentials

Once we have received all of the required information, we will review your credentials and reach out to you only if you are approved.

In the past when we had registered or ticketed events, we sadly continued to run into attendance issues. Many registered guests would not show up. Since many people see “free registrations” and “free tickets” as a seat saver and not an obligation to attend, we often had about half or more of the registered or ticketed attendees not show up. Most times we would not receive a cancellation to give the spot to someone else on the waiting list.

This was a pattern that we could no longer continue because it was unfair to the other people on a wait list or those who could have shown up for those seats. It is also unfair to our special guest to go out of their way to come to our library only to see so many empty seats. We tried having a second line for non-registered guests but many would not show up for that either because there was a chance that they would not get in. This is why we switched to first come first served seating.

While we dislike having to turn people away, having a limited amount of space with a limited number of chairs with free admission unfortunately means some won’t be able to attend. We also continue to put notices out to the public that once seating is to capacity, doors will be closed. This is why we also LIVE stream the events.

We thank you all for your understanding and for visiting our library.