History of the Meeting Rooms:

The meeting rooms were designated after the historical figures that largely impacted the shaping of the Wilmington Library.

  • John Dickinson, Jacob Broom & Gunning Bedford, who were original signatories of the U.S. Constitution, helped resume the services of the library in 1788.
  • P.S. duPont purchased the land that the library is located on currently and assisted with raising funds needed to pay for the construction of the building.
  • William P. Bancroft donated $20,000 to satisfy the library’s debt which made the once subscription library into a library for public use.
P.S. duPont Room Meeting Room- Webpage Pic

P.S. duPont Room Meeting Room

John Dickinson Meeting Room-Webpage Pic

John Dickinson Meeting Room

Rodney Square Meeting Room-Webpage Pic

Rodney Square Meeting Room

Gunning Bedford Meeting Room

Gunning Bedford Meeting Room

The Commons

The Commons Meeting Space

Jacob Broom Meeting Room

Jacob Broom Meeting Room

William P Bancroft Meeting Room-Webpage Pic

William P Bancroft Meeting Room









There are six meeting rooms and one meeting space located throughout the library.

*The Rodney Square Room is available on a walk-in, first-come first-served basis only.  No advance reservations are taken.
Please present a valid photo ID at the Reference Desk to use the room.  The time limit is 2 consecutive hours per day.  Signups are limited to 2 per week, for an individual or group.  The room accommodates up to 4  patrons.
Please notify the staff at the Reference Desk when leaving the room.

  If you have not called and are 15 minutes late, you may lose your reservation.  Please adhere to the the meeting room policies when using this or any other space in the library. The Wilmington Library reserves the right to deny any individual or group the use of the meeting rooms if the policies are not followed.

There is no charge to use the Wilmington Library’s Meeting Rooms for non-profit organizations, community groups or individuals. For-profit groups will be charged a modest meeting room fee as indicated in our meeting room policy. There is no charge to use the projector or projector screen (where applicable) in the meeting rooms.

There is a $25.00 fee for use of the kitchenette for non-profits, community groups, government, individuals and for-profit organizations.

The P.S. duPont and Jacob Broom meeting rooms are furnished with the following equipment:

  • Built in, ceiling mounted projector & projection screen.  The projector requires either and HDMI port or VGA port.
  • Movable lectern
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Outside equipment MAY NOT be attached to the Library-owned equipment
  • Individuals, organizations & groups are responsible for providing and operating their own laptop equipment when using the meeting rooms

The Dickinson and Bancroft meeting rooms  are equipped with the following equipment:

  • Ceiling mounted projection screen.  (Presenters must bring their own projector and laptop.)
  • Wireless Internet access is available for patrons.

NOTE: If the meeting requires adult supervision for high school or younger individuals, the applicant must attend and supervise the entire meeting. Children must have adequate adult supervision. The applicant is responsible for any damages caused by the group or individuals during the meeting.

Please click on either floor plan below to view a larger image of our meeting rooms.