Library Administration

Board of Managers:

The Board of Managers is a working Board. Managerial responsibilities for the corporation include two categories – procedural responsibilities and fiduciary responsibilities.

The Board of ten elected members reviews and sets policy and procedures for providing library services. Managers annually appoint a Director of Libraries who recommends short term and long rang goals for review by the Board. Standing Committees of the Board of Managers address issues concerning Personnel, Finance, Property and Library Services. Ex-officio Members of the Board include the Mayor of Wilmington, the County Executive and one member of City Council’s Finance Committee.

The fiduciary responsibilities of the Board includes the management of all operating and capital funds. The Board solicits financial support, authorizes budgets and monitors expenditures of funds from New Castle County, the State of Delaware, the City of Wilmington, the U.S. Government and private endowment.

Board meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30AM. All meetings are public and the Board encourages public and staff participation. The Annual Meeting of the Corporation is during the regular meeting in October.

Library Director, Jamar Rahming and his administrative team oversees the running of the Wilmington Library and North Wilmington Branch Library. Each library has teams of library professionals, support staff, and volunteers who work to provide quality community service. Every month staff meetings help generate ideas, work on problems and find effective solutions.

The Board elects its membership to five year terms. The Executive Committee includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

  • President: Terry J. O’Byrne
  • Vice President: Samuel A. Nolen
  • Treasurer: Mr. C. Barr Flinn
  • Secretary: Mr. Jamar Rahming, Director of the Wilmington Public Library
  • H. Rodney Scott
  • Neal J. Howard
  • Anthony W. Lunger
  • Wendell Fenton
  • Ellen Barrossen
  • N. Christopher Griffiths
  • Reverend Clifford Johnson

  • The Honorable Matthew S. Meyer, County Executive
  • The Honorable Michael S. Purzycki, Mayor

  • Mr. Cleon L. Cauley, Sr, Chief of Staff for Mayor Williams
  • Mr. Terence O’Byrne President of Friends of the Library

Financial Support:

The principal source of the Library’s operating budget is New Castle County property taxes. New Castle County, through the Department of Community Services, reviews operating budgets annually and requests proposals for the next fiscal year in the Fall. County funds represent approximately 74% of the Library’s operating budget. Other sources of funds are Private Endowment 6%; the State of Delaware 15%; and the City of Wilmington 3%; additional Grants 5%.

State funds are received from the State of Delaware’s operating budget, the amount of which is allocated according to a formula. The formula emphasizes the importance of local contributions; State funds increase each year if local funding for the prior year increases.

On-going development projects, including Annual Giving Appeals, are performed by The Wilmington Library Foundation.

Each year the Friends of the Wilmington Library contribute funds from proceeds of two annual book sales, membership drives, and proceeds from the Friends Book Shop. The Friends also provide funds for the salary of the Library’s part time Coordinator of Volunteers.

Additional revenues are received annually from fines, administrative fees for borrowing audio-visual materials, gifts, bequests and special memorial funds.

Capital funds are provided by special grants, from special fund raising efforts by The Wilmington Library Foundation and from Federal, State, County or City grants.

Each year the Foundation contributes funds to the Library for capital improvements and for specifically designated operating needs. The Foundation was created in 1988 and offers endowment for special needs.