Tips: Reserving a Room

Tips: Reserving a Meeting Room

Please Review “Guidelines” before placing a reservation.

Download a copy of this Meeting Room Reserve Help Sheet PDF

  • Choose “Wilmington Library” from the left side under “Selection” List.
  • Use the [+] to expand the list to reveal all the meeting rooms.
  • Choose the room you would like to book.
  • Choose the “Date” in the calendar.
  • Choose the “Time” block you wish to reserve.
  • Choose “Continue” at the bottom of the listing.
  • This will bring you to the “Meeting Room Request Contact Information Page”.
  • Fill out all required fields (marked with *)
  • You will be asked to verify the information before submitting. Please verify all information, then “Submit”.
  • Your confirmation of the room reservation as well as payment information will display.

Please note:

  • All meeting room & kitchenette payments are due 1 week prior to the event.
  • Please see “Guidelines” information.

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