Technology Center – Computers

The Wilmington Public Library has 28 computers for general public use in our Technology Center on the 2nd floor. Patrons will need to log in using their Library card, which must be in good standing. Out-of-town guests may get up to 5 visitors’ passes by showing their current, out of state driver’s license, state ID, or passport. Each person is allowed up to 3 hours of computer use per day.

  • All of the public computers are connected to a printer; black & white copies are 10 cents per page and color prints are 25 cents per page.
  • 2 Special accessibility computers are located in our Inspiration Space.  They have ZoomText and Jaws downloaded on them.

For more information:

3D Printing:
The Downtown Wilmington Library has a MakerBot2 Replicator, 3D printer.  We currently do not charge for prints.   Library cardholders in good standing are welcome to submit two, 3D files, per day for printing.  Staff will handle the printing process.  For more information, please see our Print Release Form/Policy 3D Printing request form revised2016
All of our adult, public computers have Blender and Sketchup 2014 to create original 3D models for printing.

To learn more: 3D Quick FAQs


The Wilmington and North Wilmington Branch Library have a FAX/scanner.
It costs 10 cents per page to fax.
You will need to provide your own cover letter, if you want one included.
You will get a confirmation that the fax was sent if you provide an email, but you will not get a confirmation that it was received.
Wilmington’s FAX machine is located in the Technology Center – 2nd Floor.

You can SCAN to email or a USB for free.
Printing is 10 cents for Black and White and 25 cents for color copies.

Wireless Printing:

 You can send print jobs to the Wilmington Public Library (downtown) or the North Wilmington Branch Library’s printer wirelessly.  Print jobs must be sent the day you wish to have them printed and come in at least 20 minutes prior to the Library closing.


  • Documents to be printed should be resident on the device you’re printing from; the service doesn’t work well with documents stored in the cloud.  If you’re trying to print such a document,  use the cloud service’s app to sync the document or download it to your device first.
  • Multiple copies or differing paper sizes/types are not available through this service; standard 8½ x 11 paper only.
  • Using the Apple Map function to locate a printer won’t find all the printers at a location – please use these instructions to accurately find a printer.
  • New Castle County Libraries charge a minimal fee for printing: $0.25 per color page and $0.10 per black and white page.printeron: Print Documents at the Library from anywhere!
    pdf Instructions for wireless printing:  WirelessPrint-All

Wilmington Library (Downtown) :
North Wilmington Branch Library:

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  • There is free wireless internet access in all public libraries in Delaware including the Wilmington Public Library and The North Wilmington Branch Library. This service is offered by the Delaware Division of Libraries.  Scan for “Libraries-Public.”  You will need to click on the “Accept” button when the library’s “Computer Acceptable Use” policy pops up.
    • If you are showing that you are connected to the wi-fi, but nothing is working try this.   Go to your internet browser.  Type in any URL or website that you know.  Click on Enter or go.  This should prompt the Library’s Acceptable Use Policy to appear.  You will need to click on the “Accept” button.   This button can be very small on phones or smaller devices – look in the center under the first paragraph.
    • Wi-Fi is turned off at night around 9:15PM and turned on at 7:30AM in the morning.
  • Photocopier:

    The Wilmington Public Library has one, black & white photocopier for public use in the Reference Area. Each copy costs 15¢ per single-sided page.  Double-sided copies can be made, but cost 30¢ per page.

Wilmington’s Inspiration Space

Is a mini-makerspace, which are collaborative, creative spaces where people can enthusiastically learn about and experiment with technology, entrepreneurship, and DIY activities.

Featured Programs & Services
•3D Printers
•DSLR Cameras
•Green Screens & Lighting Kits
•SketchUp Make
•Adobe Premiere Elements
•Adobe Photoshop Elements
•Wacom Tablets
•MinecraftEdu, Quickbooks
•Business Plan Pro
•Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
•Learning Express

For more information:  Delaware Libraries’  Inspiration Spaces