Free Wireless Printing

Now Offering Free Wireless Printing Services!
The Wilmington and North Wilmington Library Branch are offering 10 free black and white copies per patron, per day! Unfortunately due to COVID-19 precautions we can’t accept cash, so we can’t do more than 10 copies per person, and we can’t offer color copies at this time.

How does it work?
Below are the steps to upload a document from your phone, tablet, or computer to the library’s printer:

OPTION A: For printing emails or email attachments:
Email the Wilmington Library’s (Downtown) printer:
Email the North Branch Library’s printer:

OPTION B: Saved or Downloaded documents and pictures

  • Go to the Wilmington Library’s website online:
  • Scroll down to: “Wireless Printing” on the left-hand side of the homepage, below our hours.
  • Click on the orange icon for Wilmington (downtown) or the green icon for North Wilmington.





  • Under “Printer,” select “Black and White.”
  • Under “User Info”, enter in your email address.
  • Under “Select Document”, click “Browse…” to search your device until you find and select the document you would like to print. Please note: you will need to download or save the item you wish to print to your device first.






  • Click on the bright green printer icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Be sure to head to the Library within 4 hours of sending your print job to pick it up! Go up to the library’s Curbside Take-out table and let staff know that you sent a print job. Please give the staff person your email address. We can’t find your print job without it!
  • Once we locate the files uploaded under your email address, we will release your print job(s) and hand you your copies at the curbside table.