April 19th: The First Day of the American Revolution

Posted on 3rd March 2017 in What's Happening

british-troops350We have all heard of Paul Revere, the Minute Men, Lexington, Concord, and “the shot heard round the world,” but few know the full story.  A look at the familiar and the unfamiliar, unsung heroes, myths, puzzling questions and the current consensus of what really happened on April 19th, 1775, the day the Revolution began.  Presented by historian Jack Briggs

Wednesday, April 19th
Lunch and Learn: attendees are welcome to bring in their own lunch
Location: P.S. duPont Rm – 2nd Fl.

Register online at: http://tinyurl.com/April19revolution

For More information about this program: Renee O’Donnell 571-7400 ext. 2401

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